Fundraiser For Big Bear’s Daugther

Fundraiser For Big Bear’s Daugther

What: Joanne College Book Fundraiser
When: Caloosa Park, Boynton Beach, 3PM

Hey all! This is your secretary, Redman, as you all may know, Big Bear passed away not too long ago. The Patch-Tag will be meeting at Boynton Beach tomorrow at Boynton Beach, 10 am sharp (9 am for prospects) to spread his ashes. Big Bear has three songs as members in our club and two daughters. His oldest daughter just turned 18, and we send our condolences to her for having to lose her father at a critical time in her life. We want Big Bear’s family to know that the club has his back, we’ll be throwing an event on Saturday to raise funds for his daughter to go to college. Joanne was going to skip her first year at Florida State to work so she can save up enough money for school books. Trust me, I’ve got two kids in college now, those books are NOT cheap, and I know Big Bear would be rolling in his grave if he knew she was going to skip her first year of college. So we need to get together to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Prospects and hang-around that plan on attending need to be aware that other motorcycle clubs have been invited (Del Ray MC, Boynton Babies, and Ravens Skull MCs) so make sure to carry yourself with a since of respect. All prospects need to show up at 1 pm to help set up tents and food and help direct bike parking.

Last Rev for Big Bear!

Ride In Peace Joey D! AKA Big Bear!

Who: Big Bear
Where: Boynton Beach. Pavillion A
When: 10 AM

Tomorrow we are meeting at Boynton Beach and riding out to Ft Lauderdale in memory of Big Bear. We’ll meet at pavilion A, at 10 AM sharp. All prospects need to arrive at 9 AM to help set up. Big Bear’s family will be spreading his ashes at his favorite fishing spot. We encourage all of you to come. Big Bear was an integral part of this club. He dedicated over 15 years to the Patch-Tag. His two oldest sons are members as well, and Little Bear, his youngest, is now a prospect. We’ll have dinner at CJ’s after the ride.

For those that don’t know, the last rev is a motorcycle club tradition that happens when a brother or sister passes away. Big Bear’s wife and daughter will be riding his bike in his memory, while his oldest Tim will be the Road Captain, and Little Bear will be the Tail Gunner and the last to rev his bike in memory of his father. The day after we’ll be throwing a fundraiser so his daughter Joanne can go to college, we’ll have other motorcycle clubs in the area joining us to remember to wear your patch with pride and carry yourself with respect.

Two years ago, we had a fundraiser, so Big Bear can get testosterone supplements as a part of his cancer treatment. Big Bear showed signs of improvement. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse a month ago, and he passed away three nights ago. For all our members getting up there in age, we suggest you check out your testosterone levels, there is research that shows low signs of testosterone is a indicator of other health issues. Big Bear find out he had cancer after getting his testosterone levels tested.

Landon R.
Vice President

A Word From a Prospect

Hey all, it’s Little D! I’m finally getting my patch! I’ve been a prospect for about a year now, but before that, I was just a hang-around. I’ve been asked to write some tips on being a prospect.

It’s not easy. Before I became a prospect, I was just a hang-around. I had to jump into situations and volunteered for rides, and even though I was down for the cause, that didn’t mean the club had to be down for me. Over time they saw that I was serious, and Sunny D let me become a prospect. If you thought it was hard being a hang-around with no benefits, trust me, it’s even harder when you become a prospect. That’s because all eyes are on you now. Meaning everything the club needs you have to deliver, and you better do it right. There were times when I just wanted to give up, but I stuck it out because I realized that because I was now a little brother in the family, they stuck their neck out for me even harder. No matter how much of a hard time they gave me, the club always gave a harder time to anyone who bothered me.

One of the best things about joining the Patch-Tag is that I learned a lot about myself and I’m proud of the man I’ve become. I feel a certain level of responsibility, and I’m proud that my brothers trust me. I feel like I’ve become a better man because of the level of respect I have to carry myself when I’m wearing the patch.

What is required to become a patch holder? As a prospect all you have to do is keep your mouth shut and never talk to any outsider about club business. Show up to church on time, typically earlier to help set up, and just remember to keep your ego at the door. If you can’t respect older members, or if you can’t understand that you’re at the bottom of the chain, you’ll be smoked out immediately. Make yourself available for all events, and do what your told. It seems so simple, but I can’t tell you how many prospects I’ve seen drop off because they couldn’t show respect, show up on time, or drop their egos at the door. Most importantly, do NOT embarrassed the club. The Patch-Tag is huge on carrying yourself with respect, if you’re out in public and wearing club colors, you better not cause any trouble that could bring a spotlight on us.

It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t always fun, but I’m proud to say I’ve become a better man with the Patch-Tag of South Florida. I love that my brothers keep me out of trouble and my girls love the way I carry myself now. I’ve seriously grow 10 years older within the club.

Little D

Message From Patch-Tag Treasurer

Hi yall, this is Sunny Dennis, aka Sunny D! If riding motorcycles is your life and you’re looking for a great club to join, you should check us out. We meet every Thursday at 6 P.M at Duffys in Del Ray Beach. Just look for the guys with the purple sheen.

We only accept members who have a deep level of self-discipline when wearing our patch. You need to understand the patch lifestyle is a full-time job. When you wear the patch, you need to conduct yourself with a level of professionalism that doesn’t embarrass the club. What you get in return is mutual support and love from the group. We are a tight-knit family. If anyone bothers you, they bother all of us.

What’s the difference between other clubs and us? We may look scary on the outside, but we walk with respect for everyone. We don’t show up in numbers to intimidate or cause chaos and confusion. We go out of our way to support our members no matter what. We throw fundraisers and events for things we are passionate about, and we go out of our way to celebrate our members. When you ride with us, people show respect and we give it right back. We are 2,993 members strong with friends and family that all need to be taken care of and looked after. When you place your trust in us, you can be sure everyone will go out of their way to look after you. We have no problems with any of the other clubs around the way, and if you ask, they’ll tell you that we are probably the most respectable motorcycle club around.

How do you become a member? Most of our dedicated members hung out as a prospect for at least a year. We only select prospects based on personality and dedication to the cause. We’re not promising it’ll be an easy ride to becoming a Patch-Tag member, but it’ll defiantly be worth it. We are a tight knit family that takes care of our own.

Sunny D

Patch Tag Biker’s Club

Hi everyone and welcome to the Patch Tag Biker’s Club. As you may know, we are a really fun loving PEACEFUL biker outfit headquartered in Sunny South Florida!

We wanted to make sure we had a space online for the PTBC, in case anyone is searching it after hearing about us.

We go on rides to meets and conventions across state lines several times a year. We are a biker club with over 80 members, 90% of which are over the age of 55. (Not too late for testosterone and estrogen!) We like to mainly stay to ourselves and cruise peacefully up and down route 1.

If you ever see our people in public, you will notice the purple sheen to their jackets. This is in honor of a member we like to refer to as SLO-MO who was actually named Thomas Finley, and he was a good rider who was killed in an accident when he wasn’t wearing his helmet. He always wore purple shirts.

After losing SLO-MO, we all decided to chip in together to start buying helmets for young children in troubled neighborhoods. We call it the SLO-MO Bike Safety Foundation and have raised over $3,400 to date.

Have any more questions, come find us at our club in Tampa, thanks for visiting our online page!