Last Rev for Big Bear!

Ride In Peace Joey D! AKA Big Bear!

Who: Big Bear
Where: Boynton Beach. Pavillion A
When: 10 AM

Tomorrow we are meeting at Boynton Beach and riding out to Ft Lauderdale in memory of Big Bear. We’ll meet at pavilion A, at 10 AM sharp. All prospects need to arrive at 9 AM to help set up. Big Bear’s family will be spreading his ashes at his favorite fishing spot. We encourage all of you to come. Big Bear was an integral part of this club. He dedicated over 15 years to the Patch-Tag. His two oldest sons are members as well, and Little Bear, his youngest, is now a prospect. We’ll have dinner at CJ’s after the ride.

For those that don’t know, the last rev is a motorcycle club tradition that happens when a brother or sister passes away. Big Bear’s wife and daughter will be riding his bike in his memory, while his oldest Tim will be the Road Captain, and Little Bear will be the Tail Gunner and the last to rev his bike in memory of his father. The day after we’ll be throwing a fundraiser so his daughter Joanne can go to college, we’ll have other motorcycle clubs in the area joining us to remember to wear your patch with pride and carry yourself with respect.

Two years ago, we had a fundraiser, so Big Bear can get testosterone supplements as a part of his cancer treatment. Big Bear showed signs of improvement. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse a month ago, and he passed away three nights ago. For all our members getting up there in age, we suggest you check out your testosterone levels, there is research that shows low signs of testosterone is a indicator of other health issues. Big Bear find out he had cancer after getting his testosterone levels tested.

Landon R.
Vice President