Patch Tag Biker’s Club

Hi everyone and welcome to the Patch Tag Biker’s Club. As you may know, we are a really fun loving PEACEFUL biker outfit headquartered in Sunny South Florida!

We wanted to make sure we had a space online for the PTBC, in case anyone is searching it after hearing about us.

We go on rides to meets and conventions across state lines several times a year. We are a biker club with over 80 members, 90% of which are over the age of 55. (Not too late for testosterone and estrogen!) We like to mainly stay to ourselves and cruise peacefully up and down route 1.

If you ever see our people in public, you will notice the purple sheen to their jackets. This is in honor of a member we like to refer to as SLO-MO who was actually named Thomas Finley, and he was a good rider who was killed in an accident when he wasn’t wearing his helmet. He always wore purple shirts.

After losing SLO-MO, we all decided to chip in together to start buying helmets for young children in troubled neighborhoods. We call it the SLO-MO Bike Safety Foundation and have raised over $3,400 to date.

Have any more questions, come find us at our club in Tampa, thanks for visiting our online page!