Message From Patch-Tag Treasurer

Hi yall, this is Sunny Dennis, aka Sunny D! If riding motorcycles is your life and you’re looking for a great club to join, you should check us out. We meet every Thursday at 6 P.M at Duffys in Del Ray Beach. Just look for the guys with the purple sheen.

We only accept members who have a deep level of self-discipline when wearing our patch. You need to understand the patch lifestyle is a full-time job. When you wear the patch, you need to conduct yourself with a level of professionalism that doesn’t embarrass the club. What you get in return is mutual support and love from the group. We are a tight-knit family. If anyone bothers you, they bother all of us.

What’s the difference between other clubs and us? We may look scary on the outside, but we walk with respect for everyone. We don’t show up in numbers to intimidate or cause chaos and confusion. We go out of our way to support our members no matter what. We throw fundraisers and events for things we are passionate about, and we go out of our way to celebrate our members. When you ride with us, people show respect and we give it right back. We are 2,993 members strong with friends and family that all need to be taken care of and looked after. When you place your trust in us, you can be sure everyone will go out of their way to look after you. We have no problems with any of the other clubs around the way, and if you ask, they’ll tell you that we are probably the most respectable motorcycle club around.

How do you become a member? Most of our dedicated members hung out as a prospect for at least a year. We only select prospects based on personality and dedication to the cause. We’re not promising it’ll be an easy ride to becoming a Patch-Tag member, but it’ll defiantly be worth it. We are a tight knit family that takes care of our own.

Sunny D