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Microsoft Windows SSH Setup

  1. Create a new folder c:bin
  2. Downloaded the following exe and dll files into c:bin
  3. Rename files
    • Rename plink.exe to ssh.exe.
    • Rename psftp.exe to sftp.exe
    • Rename pscp.exe to scp.exe
  4. Include C:bin in your PATH
    • The PATH variable in your environment specifies directories where executable programs may live.
    • Right-click My Computer
    • Left-click Properties
    • Left-click the Advanced tab
    • Left-click Environment Variables
    • Edit the variable name PATH by prepending C:bin; to the current value
    • You will need to restart any command prompts for this to take effect
  5. Use PuTTYgen to generate and store your key. I recommend leaving the password blank for your key, otherwise you have to enter it every time.
  6. Copy your public ssh key (from PuTTYgen) and add it to your ssh keys on Patch-Tag.
  7. Run Pageant and add your previously generated key (the previous link describes this as well).
  8. (Optional): Pat yourself on back and take a beverage break.*
  9. You are now setup to push and pull repositories with Darcs and Patch-Tag.
(adapted from HOWTO: Setup Windows for use with darcs2 and Patch-Tag)

* Chilled vanilla soy milk with whole mint leaves & tsp honey in a tall glass is recommended.